The NEW Feminism

July 8, 2017

The NEW Feminism: Why it is important for ALL women to become activists for positive change

By Kayla Lozano


Let’s face it, the election of ANY president can be nerve-racking to any given population, of any culture, or nation.  Generally, in a “free” society, “we the people,” have an opportunity to immerse ourselves in the process – or if we so choose – we can ignore it altogether.  Either way, it is OUR choice.

On that note, let’s dive right into the topic of “choices” –

For clarity’s sake, let’s try to focus on what is happening now, and in the present, in 2017.

The election of our 45th President of the United States (POTUS45), has been controversial, as well as polarizing, to say the least.  The current Mara Lago/White House resident makes no apologies for expressing his opinions or views on other people, events, or issues.  His “freedom to express” what he’s thinking and feeling MIGHT insight millions of people around the world daily.  This may leave many people to feel hopeless, or wonder if there is anything they can say/do to change the “political rhetoric” being broadcast to billions of people each day.

I’m here to say that you CAN do something about it.

The president has publicly criticized a number of people, cultures, and let’s not forget – the past president, Barrack Obama.   There seems to be ABSOLUTELY no one he will not comment on.  He EVEN went as far as to denounce the leader of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis.  So NO ONE appears to be immune to his temper tantrums, or graveyard shift tweets! 

HOWEVER, POTUS45’s public displays of negativity towards women, and his constant barrage of misogynistic and derogatory comments against women who challenge his male ego, appear to be yet another part of his flawed character, and childish personality!   He has no decency, and fundamentally lacks the ability to respect women.

Ladies of all genders, religions, cultures, shapes, and sizes


We are up against a male-driven society that is historically bent on oppressing women.  Now, each decade women DO appear to make strides and blaze trails – HOWEVER, POTUS45’s consistent disregard for women, seems to overshadow all of the hard work so many have fought, and sacrificed their lives for.  These distasteful and disgraceful views are not POTUS45’s alone – because his remarks against women are contagious, and infiltrate the minds and hearts of men and boys everywhere.  The venom that comes out of his Twitter-feed alone, is like a cancer spreading throughout the country.

Now let me make something clear. 

I am NOT male-bashing, nor do I hate men, or imply that ALL men are monsters (just a few hundred thousand, give or take).  I am merely commenting (as is MY right to “freely express”) on the absurdity and mistreatment of women by the current president.

It is also MY expressed opinion that a “true feminist” is someone who is an advocate for equality and respect of ALL women, and ALL marginalized groups that tend to be oppressed by a male-driven agenda.  

So what can WE do?

I am currently an undergrad studying social work, and most of my views concerning civil liberties for all, are my personal beliefs, and are fueled by my education.

We MUST educate ourselves on our rights and make it a habit of advocating for ourselves within our own capacities. 

Clearly stated: OPPRESSION of ANY kind is WRONG, and should NOT be tolerated, nor excused!

This is a social cry to all women, transgender women, supporters of women, and people with MOTHERS (basically)!

Do NOT allow yourselves to be victimized by male chauvinism.  Do NOT allow yourselves to be sexually harassed by predators, Do NOT allow yourselves and your daughters and sons to be abused physically, emotionally, and sexually.  Do not allow your children to hear your husband/partner disrespect and belittle you.  Do NOT allow bullies of ANY kind the opportunity to make you feel less than. 


Always remember that YOU hold the key to your minds, your hearts, and above all – your bodies.

It all starts with YOU.  You must make the necessary changes.  Stop any negativity towards people from happening.  Once you have secured your home, then start motivating your relatives and friends.  Have discussions about this (NO ONE talks ANYMORE)!  Change your habits on social media with regards to standing up against bullies, misogynists, predators, and male chauvinists.

Once you feel content with the mobilization for social equality within your own circle, branch out even further and become involved with volunteering.

There are a multitude of areas that need volunteers.  Places like battered women’s shelters, foster homes, social services for women and children, homeless shelters, nursing and retirement homes, I can go on and on…

A feminist doesn’t necessarily advocate with her voice.  Although it is a GREAT start!  But, a real feminist puts her words and ideas into action that is POSITIVE.

Do not forget that the main difference between a man and a woman is the woman’s great ability to nurture and offer compassion EASILY and READILY (yes men, you too are capable of being nurturing, so try it sometime).

My transgender sisters.

No one knows your struggle, your pain, your oppression, or your story.  That is for you, and you alone to tell.

Hold your heads up high, and walk with pride for yourselves, and for your perseverance and resiliency.

Demand respect from those who seek to punish you for trying to live your truth.  Do NOT allow men to take advantage of your bodies and to disrespect your hearts.  Protect your spirit, because that is the one thing that burns and yearns for you to succeed and defy all those who doubted you.  Protect your images on social media.  Respect your bodies – you’ve come so far to develop them. 

Allow yourself to be heard and understood – EFFECTIVELY and in a positive light. 

Try your best to avoid the drama.  Do not fall into traps set by people intent on discriminating you, harassing you, bullying you, or offending you.  We fall into those traps every time.

Be charitable in any way that you can.  Be supportive of other transgender and LGBT sisters.  Do your part to educate others about being transgender.  Give back to your community.  Try your best to get a solid education (there are many programs out there that can help you achieve this dream – I’m living proof of it).  Become VISIBLE and stop hiding.  Do not allow yourselves to be oppressed any longer!

Only YOU can elevate yourself, because no one is going to do it for you.

All women, come together and understand that WE as women should ALL work together and NOT put each other down!

It starts with you.

 Are you going to wait for your breaking point? Are you going to sit by and wait until it happens to you to take action? 

That’s all on you.  






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