The Gender Book

July 10, 2017

The Gender Book:” A must-read for EVERYONE!

Book Review by Kayla Lozano


Last semester, in my “Oppression, Diversity, and Social Justice” course for social work, we learned about many marginalized and oppressed communities and cultures.

I was pleased to learn that we would be studying about “Gender.”  This was a pleasing topic for me because many people seem to have difficulties separating “gender” and “sexual orientation.”

The assigned reading for the course was “The Gender Book,” by authors Mel Reiff Hill, Jay Mays, and Robin Mack, and published by Marshall House Press (2013).

I have to admit – this book was BEYOND amazing!

For starters, I went into the assigned reading THINKING that I knew everything I needed to know on the topic of gender (hello – I AM transgender).  Boy was I wrong (NO pun intended)!   I learned so many new things about gender that I THOUGHT I knew, but clearly, did not. 

I think this is such a VALUABLE resource for EVERYONE, regardless of whether you are already in the TLGBQI community, or otherwise.  This is exceptionally perfect for children, because the book reads like a comic book; and it’s EVEN GREATER for vision impaired peeps (like me), because the print is large and easily readable.   This is also a MUST READ for families wishing to learn about what their loved ones are going through.  There are just SO MANY opportunities for learning with this book.

I cannot say enough about this resource (as you can see)! 

The book is available in a hard copy, a booklet, as well as an eBook. 

I am THRILLED to share this with my readers, and hope you take the opportunity to check out this GREAT resource!  Please visit their website:  for more information and to obtain your own copy!

(I just want to note that I am not a paid spokesperson for this book, nor am I receiving any monetary compensation for sharing.  I simply LOVE this book, and was really happy that I got the permission to pass on this FABULOUS resource!)

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